WWKY Action Policy

Watershed Watch in Kentucky volunteers may want to further their engagement in efforts to help promote water quality improvement and protection. When associated with the Watershed Watch organization, these activities may include:

  1. The development of Citizen Action Plans --These plans summarize water quality findings, identify potential pollutant sources, and propose suggested improvement or protection measures.
    You can contact your Basin Chairperson or Basin Coordinator for assistance with developing and implementing an action plan.

  1. Participation in Independent Citizen Interest Groups -- Watershed Watch members can form or assist related environmental or natural resource groups who are interested in addressing identified water quality problems. These groups may be affiliated with our partner organizations (i.e., Kentucky Waterways Alliance and Sierra Club) or others, but should not directly reference Watershed Watch in Kentucky as the supporting organization. Watershed Watch volunteers may use their data to guide the development of goals and strategies, but WWKY does not directly endorse specific activities of independent groups unless formally agreed upon by its board of directors.
    You can contact Kentucky Waterways Alliance or your Basin Coordinator for assistance with forming or finding a watershed group.

  1. Report Concerns to the Kentucky Division of Water -- Watershed Watch members can reference WWKY’s guidance document titled “Reporting a Concern” to learn when and how to report concerns to the Kentucky Division of Water for possible site visits and other follow-up assistance. The Kentucky Division of Water should provide regular, possibly annual, updates to WWKY on the agency’s responses to inquiries by WWKY volunteers.
    You can contact the Kentucky Division of Water regarding your specific water quality concerns.

  1. Public Comment on Public Policy Actions or Permits -- Watershed Watch members may want to provide feedback on issues that could impact water quality in their watershed of interest or on statewide measures. When identifying with the Watershed Watch organization, comments on policy or water quality management actions must be based on the water quality data or observations obtained directly through activities conducted through Watershed Watch-sponsored events. This includes observations or water quality sampling results gained through direct participation in WWKY sampling efforts. Unless formally approved by WWKY or the basin-specific Watershed Watch organization, commenters should clarify that the views expressed are personal, and do not necessarily represent the views of Watershed Watch.
    You can contact the Sierra Club or Kentucky Waterways Alliance for assistance with developing and submitting public comments.