Steering Committee Members

Rodney Bruce, Co-Chair

  • Treasurer for Watershed Watch in Kentucky

  • Sampler in Greenup County

  • Greenup County Conservation District

Michaela Lambert, Co-Chair & Science Advisor/Data Manager

  • Big Sandy River Basin Coordinator at Kentucky Division of Water

  • Co-Chair Basin Support Committee, Watershed Watch in Kentucky

Big Sandy River Basin Coordination

Nina McCoy, Treasurer

  • Sampler in Martin County

  • Martin County Concerned Citizens

JoAnn Palmer, DOW Volunteer Coordinator

  • Watershed Watch Volunteer Coordinator at Kentucky Division of Water

Erica Taylor Reynolds, Volunteer Coordinator

  • Sampler in Johnson County

  • Johnson County Conservation District

Sherri McCarty, Community Action Coordinator

  • Sampler in Greenup County

  • Greenup County Conservation District

John Burchett, Community Action Coordinator

Vacant Steering Committee Roles

Communications Coordinator – handles website updates and Facebook posts

Marketing Coordinator – creates content for Communications Coordinator to share, creates and maintains promotional items for Bonfire.com, and establishes relationships with local businesses and community groups

Training Coordinator – responsible for new volunteer and existing volunteer trainings for both Phase 1 and Phase 11 trainings (minimum 1 training event per year)

Funding Officer – responsible for applying for grants to fund BSWW sampling and other non-advocacy activities

Lab Coordinator – responsible for establishing relationships and communicating with labs for E. coli and other sampling

Annual Conference Coordinator – responsible for organizing the Annual Conference with help from the other Steering Committee members

Lakes Program Coordinator - assembles and mails volunteer information, communicates the needs and results of the lakes program to the Steering Committee

If you are interested in joining the Steering Committee or have any other questions, please email Basin Co-Chair Michaela Lambert or Volunteer Coordinator Erica Taylor-Reynolds.